Johnny Football vs Clowney: Who Ya Taking?

Clowney is such a freak of nature. It’s unreal. No way this guy is 100% human. He has some cyborg or alien in him, guaranteed. No way a dude his size can be this fast. With that being said, the “take Clowney #1 overall instead of Johnny Football” is a dumb argument.

When is Clowney ever going to run straight ahead at full speed for more than 3 or 4 steps? That’s why 40-yard dash times are overrated in my book. It isn’t applicable to any position other than WR, you know the only position on the field where dudes run straight ahead at full speed. Teams can double team Clowney at the line and chip him with a fullback coming out of the backfield and/or run every single play to the side he isn’t lined up, take him completely out of the game. That’s what the entire world did his last season at South Carolina. You can’t take Johnny Football out of a game.┬áRemember when Mario Williams went #1 overall and he was basically the only player on the Texans defense?

Take Johnny Football number 1 overall 1,000,000 out of 1,000,000 times. Wait on Clowney.

(Obligatory Clowney gif. Greatest tackle of all time)

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